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The platform

The platform

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Copywrite1Last night on the Platform we had the Pleasure of hanging out with legendary mc Copywrite. Copywrite was performing at heavy hitters this past Saturday. The Irish Italian rapper has many classic tracks under his belt and he rolled deep with MHz and still is. During our conversation he touched on a number of topics like how Babitto put them on as MHz and industry disputes.

Copy spoke about “table scraps”, another one of his classic albums. He says table scraps wasn’t meant to be an album as it was  a compilation of tracks that were lying around in studio. The real name of the album turn table scraps.


We asked Copy if breaking into rap as an Irish Italian kid in 1998 was harder than it is now. Copy says it was Copywrite2actually easier then than now. Now there are too many channels like facebook, twitter, youtube and to get in now  a young rapper needs to hit up all those channels unlike back in the day where it was all about cyphers.


We asked Copy if breaking into rap as an Irish Italian kid in 1998 was harder than it is now. Copy says it was actually easier then than now. Now there are too many channels like facebook, twitter, youtube and to get in now  a young rapper needs to hit up all those channels unlike back in the day where it was all about cyphers.

Copy write will dropping his “Long live the king” album soon and MHz’s album is on the way too. Now that we got the bullshit out the way, Copy dropped freestyle on us that made the studio shake. WATCH HERE:




bothThe topic for tonight was why do rappers fall off? In the studio our guest are Rapper/blogger Shyning Armour of the social commentary forum and Rapper Projectah.Rappers, locally and internationally always fall off due to an assortment of reasons. Some fall off due to drugs abuse, “going pop”, losing relevance or finding religion. We asked our guest about their take on the issue.

Shyning Armour feels that Skwatta kamp  fell off because they stop making rap music and focused on keeping people dancing therefore they lost relevance to their fan base. Click here:


Projectah says in the underground scene Hympahtic Thabs fell off. This homie used to be at Le club killing the mic in the 90’s, but now he sounds like a new jack, said Projectah.

shyShyning Armour had some choice words JR. He says he never had respect for the “show dem” hit maker because hit break out hit “Ga ta le nna” was bitten of a B.I.G track. He also called out kabelo aka bouga Luv saying he blew up from flipping biggy, Jay-z, raps  flipping them into venac and making hits. “They blew up on other people raps” Click here:





IMG00163-20111122-0941Projectah is featured on HHP latest album motswafrika on “the animal”.  Ace asked if HHP has fallen off.  Because he changed genres from Rap to kwaito then back to rap. This Projectah said click here:


Don’t forget Projectah’s album “College in bars” available at the Ritual Store or holler at him on facebook.com/projecktah and never for the 26th of November is the Soco show at OST and it’s FREE at the door.




David Chislett

onetwo36-20111022-1935On the Platform this week we chilled out with David Chislett, The author of the music industry changing book one, two, one, two. David has been in the music game for over 25 years and has worked with a host artist like Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse. WATCH HERE:


David has these 12 Rock star rules that will help any artist progress in the game (see ritual beat session) he broke them down into 2min videos for popular teen rap show shizz nizz on etv. Besides his book David recommends Nick matzuki and Jonathan Shaw’s books WATCH HERE:


David will hosting a workshop for Artist,Producers & Beat makers on the 5th of Novermber @ Downtoen Studios and it's FREE. Book your spot by calling this number  011 334 7230 or hit up This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Bonic_2054160553385_1225697556_31695439_2027949703_nWe chilled out with Gutta Street family members B-one-thou,Cyrus beatz & Bonic. The homies came by to tell us about their past and the future of GSF. The crew is originally from Sasolburg and now hides out in Johannesburg. they dropped thier 1st mixtape in 2009 called state of hip hop and follwed up with Hood star in 2010. The new joint is called 360 reason bieng they covered everything 360 degrees. On 360 the homies featured Smerf,Tuxman on the beat,Ms Pearl & Mo tits & ass. Cyrus the beat maker in the crew pruduced most beats and like doin it alone with the other members. 360 will be dropping Feb 2012 so look out. GSF dropped a mad freestyle on us CLICK HERE:




Siya Shezi

Siya_Shezi2It's The platform once again and our guest today is Siya Shezi. Siya Shezi is a Deep Soweto member along with Flo, Mokone, and Chuck D amongst others.

This past weekend he was at King Of Rap at Bassline defending his crown from last year. He went up against Young star from Cape Town and Young star took it. Siya's biggest challenge if getting gigs that pay and reason for that is because he doesn't have manager.

Siya will be Dropping a mixtape end of november.On the mixtape he worked with producers Page, Baby step, Dome, speaker and nature. The featured artists are F-eezy, Ma 7, Chuck D and accapella group The soil. Siya's Current hit is "power of booze" aka Jwala. The reason for this joint is the alcohol abuse he sees in the township and the consequences thereof. “I’m not telling people to stop drinking but do it responsibly"-Siya Shezi

click here to watch Siya Shezi Freestyle:


To Book Siya shezi e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or holler at Siya directly on his Facebook page, Siya Shezi.


Red for danger

SAM_0628Last nite we had red Button on The platform to tell his news video for his second single from his album “Ibakwala". Red is currently signed to Bentey records and is managed by Mpho Motsaoledi the founder of Bentey records. Red Button used to run the streets with Froz and but went solo.

He tries his best to stay out of big brother Prokids’ shadow but follows his everywhere he goes. He is also a producers and he 4 tracks from his album. The Album sleeve is a comic strip and was designed by Brandon from electro mode. The music video for “ibakwala” was by pilot films and it follows the theme from the album sleeve.

Red button dropped freestyle for us click here to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyNqfUm7PbI


Ya’ll can holler at the Red on facebook at Red Button or follow him on twitter @RedbuttonSA.



All things grey

kabomoKabomo and kenzhero dropped by on the Platform just to holler at us and it was all good. Kabomo came to tell us about his album “All things green” and kenzhero was about to tell us about party people.
Kabomo’s “all things green” is the 1st part of the all things series, “all things brown” and “all things blue” are the 2nd and 3rd instalments of the series. On all things green he work with a variety of artist and producers like Mizzy, Zubs, HHP, Tumi & Pebbles.

Kabomo will be dropping his 1st video over the weekend. The video is directed by Top director Tony Kgoroge and will feature a famous T V actress.

Check out kabomo's freestyle here:





SAM_0519Kenzhero worked with Kabomo on a joint on “all things green” but Kenny was here to tell us about party people at OST this Saturday. It’s been a while since the last party people and the reason behind that is Kenny has been extremely busy with gigs and Jozambique. Jozambique is a group he formed with rapper, Simba. He promised that this Party people will be epic. Kabomo will be performing live with guest appearances from HHP and motif records’ the fridge.


SAM_0526Back to Kabomo, Homie opened up about his favourite tracks on the album, well not favourite but the ones that stand out. “Colour of you” was produced by Omar. The US born producer has work with Dj Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, and Pharaoh Monch amongst others. Another Person we need to mention to ya’ll is Nonku, she is on the album too. Nonku is the daughter of the Legendary Ray Phiri of Stimela fame and she got a huge co-sign from kenzhero saying “she got next”
The party people CD is coming out as a mixtape not an album and it’s done, it’s just waiting for a drop date-Kenzhero. We are eagerly waiting for that heat.

Kabomo’s album “all things green will drop on Friday the 23rd of September and he will be at Party people at OST on Saturday, R100 at the door.

Tiger to the power of four
SAM_0505We are chilling with Nations from Kroonstad. His E.P is called the “power of four” the E.P dropped on the 2nd May 2011. Singles of the E.P are Tshipi and we got it. Nations feels that Kroonstad scene is slept on and the reason being lack of unity. He worked with producers Dj Rockville, Show Time and freetz from Mpumalanga. Ace asked why he called the E.P Tiger to the power of four? Apparently in Kroonstad if you’re the man you’re a tiger and when he dropped the E.P he sold it for R40 which made a nice play on words.
He calls his style Tshipi, a Kroonstad version of Motswako. Lesotho is a major influence in Kroonstad as the phrase tshipi is from Lesotho. Homie dropped a mad freestyle:  CLICK HERE:


Holler at Nations on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on facebook sechaba nation ndheleleni or follow on twitter @nationdanash.

Buck Season
SAM_0515After Nations we spoke to Dismental Thee Axemple. He was here to tell us about his new joint” Best of September 10th (buck season)”. The East Rand native, Tsakane to  be exact is down with  the 1.2 cliques Dismental has been to every session in jhb but he prefers marketing his music through other platforms like radio, print media and online. On his album “the best of September 10th” he features mothipa and Naked eye and production from Instro, Battle cats, Kick & snare and tux.
Homie performed two tracks “Let loose” and My Ghetto, your ghetto”.

Let loose:


My ghetto, Your Ghetto:


Like his tracks? Then tell him on Dismental Thee Axemple (FB, Twitter, Myspace, and reverb) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



ace_of_spadesOn the platform we had T-mech, a rapper from Lesotho. T-mech aka Thulo Monyake has a mixtape coming out called Mechanical Opps and we sat down with him to hear this young nigga out. T-mech is based in Cape Town and he is studying business management at Damelin. He plans to take over his father’s company if this rap shit doesn’t work out. T-mech he prefers Cape Town from joburg because joburg is rough! He featured his little sister Du on his track called Tswaka. Du is currently in Spain studying. He hopes to work with ifani on his next joint. His music is on my MySpace/t-mech and on mp3twit. Catch T-mech on facebook or follow on twitter @isthamista.




PoliteAfter T-mech we holler at P2DAOH. Polite Sithole aka  P2DAOH is a super producer from Zimbabwe based in Johannesburg. He is also the in-house producer at ritual lab. He has worked with likes of Smerf, dark spark and produced Mpho & Sisinyati's mixtape amongst others. In 2005 he was in Eastern Europe producing tracks for artist from Poland and has shared the stage with the Pussy cat dolls. He says the dolls came to his dressing room and we say NIGGA PLEASE!! CLICK HERE:




P feels that if you chop up samples from old records, you’re not a producer. A producer makes the beat, finds the artist and lays down the track. He has over 500 beats and is willing to work with anyone artist from any genre. Follow him on twitter @P2DAOH.



ace_of_spadesIfani in the studio with TTP about to talk to the masses. Homie was on live on sabc last week and homie was a trend on twitter. Ifani will be shooting a music Video for Zizo Beda this weekend. He took Ewe 30 radio stations but not love for the homie. What worked for him was something he calls coincidence. Dineo heard the song from c-live and went buck who passed it to Nathi from Metrofm and the rest is history.





SAM_0430Passed his cd to Thapelo ttp reluctantly but proved to be a wise move. The album dropped last year. He called the album "a negative copy". The 'Positive copy" album will be dropping next year.Record Deals are on the table but Ifani hasn't signed any deals because he's "smarter" than that. His music is distributed by ttp.





negative_copyHis next step 2 is big concerts, Ifani wants pyro techniques and lights as he hasn't seen any rap concerts with all that.

Step 3 put the rest of his people on as his brand would prominent, and he is looking for endorsement rather that acting gigs. He doesn’t care which brand, money is money!!!

Ifani Sent a Huge shout out to Tru fm, Tru fm are the only niggas that helped.


Ifani dropped a freestyle for us click here to watch:


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