Raise your hand up if you were raised by hip hop. Then I should expect that you know who Rip the Jacker is, who Bis is, and Can-I-Bus is, ‘cause if you don’t than you best you read up.

I remember “Second Round K.O” back in 1998, that’s how I first heard and respected Canibus, aka Rip the Jacker, Bis, Can-I-Bus, one of the rappers who initiated me into the life of hip hop. He brought along with him to his rap reign T.H.E.M. through him I was introduced to rap intellects like Rakim, Jedi Mind Tricks Ras Kass and Pharoahe Monch.

Back then I thought Canibus to be the god amongst kings, spitting poisonous venom on the mic like no other, he killed like a mad man in a horror film. Together with Wycleff he made massive waves, having produced many of Canibus’ offerings their relationship went sour and Canibus made it vocal by dedicating a line to Wycleff in a song. Watch below:

Ok, I will agree that as dope I Canibus was, sometimes he fell short of great ‘cause with the album 2000 B.C, I think he might have missed the plot a bit. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but that whole production could’ve been a miss if Killah Priest and Kurupt hadn’t made it to the party.

Ok, well, in any case, Canibus once was living la vada loca making big things pop, until his resent slip that’s making rounds on youTube. Nigger was caught with it pants on the knees and thumb a in the mouth, when he choked in battle against Dizaster. Funny thing is the battle wasn’t even blood spills, he made a few rounds and Dizaster took a few rounds too. But he really got tongues flapping when Canibus..the great Canibus..master rapper Canibus whipped out a notepad with pre-written lines in a battle. A notepad!!!!.This was a moment of silence for me, ‘cause this meant that Canibus was dead.

It made me think though, does being in the raps for a long time mean that you get juiced out of creativity and all innovation rusts along with the years, or should it be that the longer the longevity the more on the mark you become, you know, like fine wine. On the other hand, ‘thipa eshawa bo hale’ meaning the longer you use a blade, you should expect it to get blunt. How true is that? Well, in my experience, it’s too true, look at Buster Rhymes and Snoop Dogg, I mean damn, Snoop’s got ghost writers writing his music now. And we even have a couple in our own backyard here in locally who should be hitting the old age homes, I won’t mention any names though.

It could also be that the rap veterans reach the top and relax seeing no need to work on their skills anymore. So they sitting on top, soaking up the sun too long only to realise they’re getting sun dried.  Hence I ask should there be retirement age in rap, when rappers are no longer able to ‘perform’ but just take a seat for the youngsters to take their turn?

Pabi Jane Doe